Effective Criminal Law

At Ruhl Law we practice criminal law with sincerity, experience, and energetic defense of your rights. Our primary goal is restoring your life to its normal state before you got into trouble with the law.

Scales of Justice - Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Your freedom and rights are our main concern. What could be more terrifying than facing a federal or state charge for a criminal offense? When it happens, the discomfort of physical pain, hunger, or money loss rapidly pales in comparison.

The idea of spending time in jail is unique. There is no other experience quite like the total loss of personal liberty. The longevity of criminal records seem to last an eternity, which makes criminal law more difficult than other legal challenges for you.

Our Experience

We have handled thousands of criminal cases since we began our practice. Our record shows that we can manage these legal matters in a way that protects your rights and goes every distance toward the preservation of your personal freedom.

Know Your Rights

You deserve intelligent and aggressive representation. We always give personal attention and dedication to your cause throughout the course of your case and beyond. We work from our experience in Florida's State Attorney's offices and Public Defender's offices. We strive to make the monetary costs of criminal defense fair to all of our clients.

We believe anyone charged with a crime, whether felony or misdemeanor should receive the best possible defense. We always strive to provide that at a reasonable cost to you. Depend on us to make ourselves available at whatever hour to be your legal representation. Our attorneys excel in these aspects of criminal law:

• Domestic Violence
• Drug Related Crimes
• Felonies
• Homicide Charges
• Juvenile Cases
• White-Collar Crimes
• RICO Cases
• DUI Charges


• Traffic Violations
• Sexual Offenses
• Violation of Probation 
  or Community Control
• Driver's License Issues
• Criminal Record Expunging & Sealing
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