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There are many life events that can fracture a family. Whether you're going through a divorce or recovering from a death, Ruhl Law P.A. can help you put your family back together. Our family law team works with parents, grandparents and other family members to get custodial rights and support orders. We also offer litigation services to help make sure marital debts and assets are distributed fairly.

Get the help you need by calling an established family law firm in the Port Charlotte or Sarasota, FL area now.

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When to Hire a Family Law Attorney

A family law attorney from Ruhl Law P.A. can help you with:

  • Paternity lawsuits

  • Adoption proceedings

  • Custody arrangements

  • Dissolution of marriage

  • Child support agreements

We'll fight for you in district, superior and probate courts. Schedule a consultation with a compassionate family law attorney in the Sarasota or Port Charlotte, FL area today.